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One of the most recognizable landmarks in Mattapoisett is the Ned's Point Lighthouse, which has been illuminating the shore of Mattapoisett for nearly 200 years. While its functional importance has diminished in recent years with the advent of GPS, the lighthouse certainly still serves as the last line of defense for boaters.

Ned's Point is a piece of federal property, the penalty carries up to 20 years in prison and $250,000.  In additional, Ned's Point Lighthouse is listed as a National Landmark, which can carrier even heavier consequences.  – Sal Giglia, USCG Flotilla 63, Marion

The lighthouse, which is cared for and owned by the United States Coast Guard, has been on the receiving end of some vandalism as of late. In addition to some gunshots that have been aimed at the light, there was some exterior damage down within the past several days.

According to its caretaker, Sal Giglia USCG-Flotilla 63 Marion, someone tried to break into the lighthouse last week. Giglia told Fun 107 that after a storm that moved through last week, he went to go check on the lighthouse and found that someone had tried to destroy the locks on the doors to try to gain access. The locks will need to be replaced by the Coast Guard, and they will be; however, funds are limited.

Sal Giglia via Facebook
Sal Giglia via Facebook

Giglia also told us that the lighthouse will be further fortified to protect the lamp located upstairs. If the lamp were ever damaged, a replacement could cost up to $15,000.

A report has been made to the Mattapoisett Police Department. Because Ned's Point is a piece of federal property, the penalty carries up to 20 years in prison and $250,000. In addition, Ned's Point Lighthouse is listed as a national landmark, which can carry even heavier consequences.

Signs and cameras are expected to be installed to help guard against further vandalism.

Anyone with any knowledge of the vandalism is encouraged to contact Mattapoisett Police Department at (508) 758-4141.

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