If you drove past the Dunkin' Donuts location on Route 6 in Mattapoisett on Saturday or Sunday morning, I'm sure you noticed the line of cars.Either despite the terrible weather, or because of the storm, customers were lined-up for the drive-thru as well as inside the store. Many may have not had electricity at home, but regardless, the store's re-opening had come just in time.

The Dunkin' shop, which shares a location with 7-Eleven in the small town was closed for several days for renovations. It re-opened late last week, and by the weekend it seemed as if there had been no Dunkin Donuts in the area for months. I was told that at one point, about 30 customers were in line inside the store. The drive thru line also extended as far back as the highway. That coffee is simply worth the wait. .   ,

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