Drumroll Please.

And the winner of the 2018 Mr. Westport is... Matt Cliff!

On April 28th, Westport High School held their annual Mister Westport competition where eight guys (students) went head to head against each other in a judged "beauty-pageant-esque " event with one goal: to take home the crown and title.

The boys pranced around in their best swimwear, showed off their individual talents, strutted their swag in formal wear, and was judged by eight local judges.

Eight boys- Patricio Bernal, Mark Brochu, Ethan Carreiro, Matt Cliff, Griffin Lecomte, Corey Lesieur, Brandon Marques and Mitchell Pichette, competed for the title, but ultimately... it was Matt Cliff who came out on top as this year's 2018 Mister Westport.

So, what does Mr. Westport exactly do once he's crowned? Well, nothing really. He simply gets bragging rights and of course become the best representation of the beautiful town of Westport that he can!

Congrats, Mr. Cliff. Now go out there and show the Southcoast what Westport is all about!




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