Massachusetts hunters have been busy this season.

Through MassWildlife’s Hunters Share the Harvest Program, over 750 pounds of venison has been donated to families in need, and with almost two months of hunting season left, that number will continue to grow.

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What Is the Hunters Share the Harvest Program?

The MassWildlife Hunters Share the Harvest Program provides the opportunity for hunters to donate and share venison with those in need while supporting forest conservation by utilizing hunting for population management.

“Regulated hunting is a safe activity that brings communities together through the sharing of food, skills, and time spent outdoors with nature,” said MassWildlife. “Licensed hunters play an important role in wildlife management in Massachusetts, and now successful hunters can help combat hunger and food insecurity in their communities by donating venison.”

How the Program Works

Hunters donate all or a portion of their deer to an approved processor. Then, MassWildlife brings the venison to partnering food pantries, where the meat is distributed to families in need.

Not a hunter? Monetary donations are accepted through the Massachusets Outdoor Heritage Foundation. A $50 donation provides 75 servings of meat for families in need.

The Program’s Impact

Hunters Share the Harvest was launched just last year and collected more than 1,500 meals of venison with one approved processor for families in need.

This year, hunters across Massachusetts have already donated over 750 pounds of venison—the equivalent of more than 3,000 meals—with the help of three approved processors.

“The fact that we have already doubled the meals donated last year with two months of deer season remaining is incredible,” said Mark Tisa, MassWildlife Director. “Hunters and the wildlife conservation community are making a big impact addressing food insecurity in Massachusetts.”

7 weeks remain of deer hunting season, and that means a lot more families will have access to an organic, lean source of protein to close out the year.

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