We don't need anymore people in this state! Right? Well not to worry, our newest resident aren't human!New England Aquarium has a fuzzy new addition to its family of Northern fur seals.


On Tuesday night just before midnight, the Aquarium’s overnight engineer realized that Ursula, a 15-year-old fur seal, was in labor.

According to New England Aquariums website, The newest pup will not be visible to the public while it spends time behind the scenes nursing and bonding with its mother. Within two weeks, Ursula will return to the exhibit for short periods, alternating between swimming in the large exhibit pool and spending time with her pup.

Northern fur seals are characterized by their thick fur coat which keeps them warm in the cold waters of the Northern Pacific. Although they were once hunted for their pelts, Northern fur seals are now protected under the Marine Mammal Protection act as a depleted species.

They don't know the sex of the pup yet and don't have any names! What do you suggest for a name?