If you have a son or daughter who is interested in becoming a Massachusetts state trooper, this could be an opportunity that changes the direction of their lives.

The Massachusetts State Police is looking for youth cadets who have a real interest in eventually becoming police officers. The Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Student Trooper Program will give high school students an experience that will very closely resemble that of a real Mass. State Police Academy. The program was created to give qualifying students some insight into what law enforcement jobs look like in 2022, and the stages of training that actual cadets are required to go through.

The program will take Aug. 19 to 21. Youth cadet openings are exclusively for 15- to 17-year-old high school students with a "good scholastic record," according to a news release.

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Students should demonstrate a continuous positive character and a professional appearance, consisting of neatly trimmed hair (females, arranged), with males encouraged to have a clean-shaved face parallel to accommodations of the State Police Academy.

The program consists of rigorous training and physical stress in a para-military-type academy setting. The program is open to all, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, or nationality.

There is a $250 fee for the 2022 program, but under certain circumstances, that fee may be absorbed by the Massachusetts American Legion. Candidates accepted into the program will be provided with a list of required equipment and necessary medical forms.

Fun 107 intern Lucas Pavao contributed to this report. 

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