JoJo had her first number one hit over a decade ago on Fun 107 and just this year, she won her first Grammy. And now, the Foxboro, Massachusetts native is back with new music.

After years of challenges with her previous record label, JoJo is back writing, producing, and singing. Clearly her creative juice is flowing. JoJo hopped onto TikTok to share a revised version of her hit "Leave, Get Out." She changed the lyrics to be a little more relatable to what's going on these days with the coronavirus outbreak.

Heads up, this video has some bad language, o I'm giving it an NSFW rating. It's good, though, and a great reminder to all of us.

Pretty awesome, right? She still has that amazing voice, too. She wants to drive home the importance of taking all the precautions the experts have been suggesting to us to stop the spread of COVID-19. JoJo is back to giving us that soulful voice of hers with lots of new music in the past year. She recently released a new song about finding a man. Take a listen to it in case you missed me playing it on the air: Clearly she is having some fun with her girls in the music video. What do you think? Is JoJo back and ready to get herself another number one song on Fun 107? Is "Man" wicked good or totally whack?

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