A fun mistake has turned super annoying for a Massachusetts couple getting dozens of 'free' gifts from Amazon.

An Acton couple is asking Amazon to stop sending them things they didn't order.

According to the Boston Globe, Mike and Kelly Gallivan started getting 'mystery' packages last October.

Since then a new delivery arrives at the rate of one or two per week...making 25 in total.

They say the shipments typically contain cheap, plastic things like phone chargers or small fans that plug into a computer...but they definitely did not order any of them.

As Amazon tells the couple, the 'gifts' are being paid for with a gift card that has no sender name and no address.

The Globe reports that experts believe the continuous deliveries are likely part of an elaborate ruse to manipulate the ratings of these items on Amazon.

The buyer can write glowing reviews for the cheap products, thereby tricking other shoppers into purchasing them.

And though the Gallivans have not been charged for any of these deliveries, they feel they are being used as part of a scam...and they want it to stop.

No word on if Amazon is doing anything to end the strange shipments.

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