Hide your kids, hide your wives, hide your husbands... The creepy Southcoast "Catfish" is BACK!

When we first broke the stroy about Mr. Marty Demello (fake name), it was disturbing to see how many people had friended this fake account. We know that he was adding mostly women if not all women as a facebook friend and then messaging them in hopes to, well, catch a fish. Since his recent return, this poser has managed to lassoe an impressive 1,234 people. Only ONE of these accounts are male and the rest are shockingly females.


We also know that Demello was impersonating an MTV star, Adrian Martin from the show 'Scrubbin Out' and used Martin's Instagram photos to pose as him.

After calling him out in an article posted on Fun107.com, we were able to scare him away for a little while, but low and be hold... the creep is back and in full swing.

Please, we beg you, if you are friends with this guy, either delete him, block him, report him or be cautious. As childish as this pretender may appear, you should NOT take your chances with him (her?).

Lastly, to 'Martin Demello', whoever you are.... Shut down your account and leave these people alone! Thank you kindly. :)

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