It's not all that uncommon to spot celebrities vacationing on Martha's Vineyard. Heck, former President Barack Obama owns a mansion on the Vineyard and was just there earlier this month celebrating his 60th birthday. But how often do you spot celebrity doppelgängers spending their week on the island?

A TikTok is going viral across the Internet right now, after user shared videos of the celebrity lookalikes they spotted during a recent vacation to Martha's Vineyard. While there are a couple people in the video that only carry a couple features of their celebrity doppelgängers, others definitely had us completely fooled for a hot second.

"Thought this was a joke until she spotted Ed Sheeran 😳," @lostmynoodles commented.

"No but I was sure that was Kevin Jonas [I] just took your word for it," @girlsdonthave legs wrote.

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Others took to the video's comments, acting like the doppelgängers in question were indeed the celebrities, just looking for a relaxing getaway from their glamorous lives.

"They come here to be 'not seen,'" @keifer_onmv wrote. "Those of us here honor that."

So you've seen the lookalikes, but how similar do they look to their celebrities, especially when set side-by-side? Take a look below and let us know who you think looks the most like their star.

Check Out These Celeb Doppelgängers Spotted on Martha's Vineyard

It might not be all that uncommon to spot a celebrity vacationing on Martha's Vineyard, but how often do you see celebrity doppelgängers? TikTok user recently spotted five during a trip to the Vineyard, and while a few may be a bit questionable, there are a couple that we're convinced are the real celeb. Which lookalike do you think looks most like their celebrity? Check out the photos below and let us know.

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