Marion’s Mary Celeste Whiskey and Wine Library has permanently closed, and the award-winning restaurant is selling off various fixtures and other items in an “everything must go” sale on Wednesday, September 28.

The sale is taking place at the restaurant from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Some of the items up for sale include an ice machine, wine fridge, wine racks, wine and water glasses, and more.

The Mary Celeste via Facebook
The Mary Celeste via Facebook

The Mary Celeste, located at 7 Cottage Street, officially closed on August 29, stating that “the pandemic has taken its toll.”

“The day we opened we learned that the capacity for restaurants would be reduced to 25 percent. Over the next 21 months, we have watched food prices increase and have had to work through staffing shortages often requiring us to close our doors,” owner Mike Achilles posted to Facebook.

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“We also applied for many of the programs that other restaurants received but weren't lucky enough to receive assistance before funds ran out,” he wrote. “We were never comfortable with the idea of handouts but were hopeful nonetheless.”

The Mary Celeste had even moved to incorporate more food offerings to help stave off a need to shut down.

“We then took on Harriet's focusing on the prepared foods, but unfortunately, there just weren't enough customers to keep it open, even in the heart of summer,” Achilles wrote.

Achilles said that he was reaching out to local restaurants to try and help his staff find new jobs, and helping the landlord to find new tenants to take over the space. He also said a page would be forthcoming “for customers to request a refund on unused gift cards.”

The Mary Celeste opened in December of 2020. It was previously intended to open in the old Bookstall location, but instead moved into the former Harriet’s Out Back.

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