offers a monthly series that highlights the best and word buys for each month. They do the research so we can save time and money. Retailers are eager to move older, outdated inventory and clear space for springtime, seasonal products. Here's the what to buy and not buy for March.

Here's the what to buy and not buy for March.

What to Buy:

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Luggage: Most people don't travel between their winter and summer the luggage industry always puts their stuff on sale in March.  Great time to buy!  Shoppers expect to save up to 70%.

Smartphones: Retailers will want to clear out their 2014 inventory to make room for the devices from top Android brands. Discounts can reach more than 70%, and some might even be free with new 2 year contracts.

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Chocolate: Valentine’s Day chocolates are still sitting on store shelves, prompting price cuts to move product out the door before they expire. You shouldn't pay more than 1/2 its original price.

Outerwear: It’s time to move out all those Patagonia and North Face jackets to make room for all the summer stuff. Again, look for markdowns of up to 70%.

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Jewelry: Now that Valentine’s Day has passed and Mother’s Day is a few months away, jewelers see a drop in business during this time, so they want to motivate buyers. You can catch some amazing deals over 85% off.

Frozen Foods: This March marks the 32nd annual National Frozen Food Month. Expect grocers to offer weekly sales and promotions during the month focused on frozen foods.

What Not to Buy:

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New grills: Just like new patio furniture and apparel, you should hold off till August clearance sales to make the purchase. You’ll see top-of-the-market pricing on new models right off the bat.

Spring apparel: Shoppers should hold off on buying new lines of spring clothing when they are first released. Retailers are counting on consumers’ excitement for warmer weather to overlook any possible sticker shock. Shoppers who wait for May or June to update their wardrobe should see substantial savings.

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Flowers and plants: Supply and demand. Gardeners and homeowners want to get outside and spruce up the yard, and greenhouses are loading up on inventory, so expect normal pricing structures till the colder months.

New patio furniture: Consumers who have been stuck indoors all winter will be itching to get outside as soon as possible once Spring rolls around. Retailers know this, and are willing to let customers pay full price for the new lines of patio furniture. They say you should wait for summer to get a better deal.

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