There have been dozens of shark sightings off Cape Cod this summer and now there's been a manatee sighting too!

The massive mammal, sometimes called a sea cow, was seen over the past two weekends around Dowses Beach in Osterville and Oyster Pond in Chatham according to the Cape Cod Times.

Though manatee sighting are pretty rare this far north, the International Fund for Animal Welfare told the newspaper that this is the third sighting since 2008.

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The IFAW also is reminding people to stay away from any manatees they may spot at sea. These mammals can grow up to 14 feet and weigh more than 3,000 lbs.

They typically stay in the waters of Florida where it is warmer, but the hot summer may have led them more north.

Manatees can't survive in water temperatures below 68 degrees, so the IFAW is trying to keep an eye on them in case they need to be rescued. Those that may spot one are asked to call IFAW's hotline at 508-743-9548 and report it if they do.