Are gift cards part of your marketing strategy?  Here’s why they should be!

Entrepreneur Magazine recently wrote an article on Why Small Businesses Should Include Gift Cards In Their Marketing Strategy. Here are three great points to consider for your small business.

  1. Gift Cards help you compete with national brands. If someone can gift a local business’ gift card versus a generic $250 cash card, the gift feels more thoughtful, personal and relevant.
  2. Gift cards increase the average spend. According to, gift card users are spending nearly 40% more than the card’s face value. They also reduce the risk of returns, complaints or lost sales because the user is purchasing exactly what they want.
  3. Gift Cards are associated with gifting. Everyone promotes their gift cards at Christmas and birthdays, but nearly 20% of sales are purchased as a ‘Thank You’ gift. Reminding people that gift cards are always available helps your brand become top of mind for year-round gift giving.

If your business could use a bump in gift-card sales, contact our office about a Seize the Deal campaign for your business. We'll put your gift cards on sale for our Fun107 and WBSM audience and you'll reap the rewards of new customers.

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