Looks like Dartmouth High School junior, Tyler Medeiros, isn’t the only runner breaking records around here.

Dartmouth senior, Madison “Maddie” Stott recently crushed the record for the 300-meter Dash.

The record sat on the leaderboard for the past ten years at 42.21. Stott is now the new record holder with an impressive time of 42.07.

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Madison’s Story

Madison Stott played soccer her entire life and loved it, but when she entered high school, she had her sights set on the Track team.

“There wasn’t a middle school sport for Track, so I got introduced as a freshman, and I quickly realized how fun it was,” said Stott.

From the coaches to the environment, Stott found her groove on the track, and it quickly became a passion.

On the Road to Beating That Record

If you want to beat a record, you have to have the drive, and there is no shortage of that for Stott.

The winter and spring seasons are dedicated to the track team, and even when she’s not training with her team, Stott is training at home on her mechanics and mental game.

“I feel like Track is such an individualized sport and I feel like having control of my own outcome and what I make of myself pushes me through the hardest workouts,” she said. “I truly believe Track is a mental sport. You can be fast, but if your head is not in the right place, you’ll run terribly.”

The Record-Breaking Moment

“At first, it didn’t seem real,” said Stott after her record time appeared on the board. “I couldn’t believe I actually ran that fast, but after I came to my senses, I was so happy and relieved that all the work paid off.”

Stotts loves to run, plain and simple, but her competitive edge puts her above the rest.

“She always had her eye on the record board,” said her father, Tim. “She was striving for it ever since she was a freshman, she trained hard and she achieved it. I’m looking forward to seeing her run in college, it will be another great experience.

Stott plans on continuing her running career at Stonehill College, a Division 1 College in.

Congratulations, Maddie. Never stop running for your goals!

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