I would like to interrupt your information overload of the election results with a light-hearted and funny incident that happened to me last night that involved a pizza order gone wrong. It was a classic case of taking words too literally.

To mentally get through the election last night, I knew I needed some comfort food, so Ross and I ordered pizza from our favorite spot in town. We usually order over the phone, but I decided to check out Door Dash for the first time. I know, I’m behind the ball on this one.

It seemed easy enough. I wanted a pizza with half pepperoni and half cheese. I selected a pepperoni pizza and in the memo section I wrote, “half cheese.”

About an hour later, our pizza arrived on our doorstep. I brought it to the kitchen, opened the box, and burst out laughing when I looked inside.

In the box was a pizza, alright, but it was a pepperoni pizza and only half of it had cheese. I stood there, staring at a pizza that was half-naked, wondering what the pizza makers must have thought when they read our order. I assumed cheese was a given on any pizza and it was the toppings that you had to specify. In their defense, however, they read the order correctly.

It’s moments like this that highlight how words can get lost in translation so easily when it’s through texting or an app.

Next time, I’ll be calling my pizza in. I love cheese far too much to miss out on half of it.

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