Well, it finally happened: after getting postponed for an entire year due to the global pandemic, Maddie finally had her dream wedding.

She married professional kickboxer and physical therapist Dr. Ross Levine at The Villa in East Bridgewater on Sunday.

The weather could not have been any nicer for a New England weekend in November. There were sunny skies, the leaves were colorful, and the temperature was near 60 degrees.

Gazelle and I had the privilege of attending Maddie and Ross' wedding. With the number of weddings I DJ over the course of every year, I have to say that Maddie and Ross' ceremony was among the most moving I've ever seen. The entire ceremony was so personal and geared to them as individuals and as a couple. There wasn't a dry eye in the house after the ceremony was over and this amazing couple was finally married.

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Just prior to the start of the ceremony, guests were asked not to take any photos, but I broke the rules so that we could share the pics with the Fun 107 audience as soon as possible. I knew Maddie wouldn't mind, and she certainly didn't.

The weeks leading up to the wedding, Gazelle and I promised to leave the DJ alone. We kept true to our word, and even though we listened with critical ears, we both agreed that the DJ did a terrific job.

We compiled 30 of the best photos we took with our amateur iPhones just to give you a look at Maddie's wedding.

30 Photos From Maddie's Wedding

Here are the first published photos of Maddie's wedding.

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