As an elder millennial, I continue to grasp onto my youth for as long as possible, and my latest attempt at staying youthful was downloading TikTok.

Truthfully, I love the app. Whether you like makeup tutorials, myth-busters or singers, there is something for everyone to enjoy. I have been struggling to find a lane for myself where I could give back to the TikTok community, but after coming across the “News Anchor Challenge," I think I have found my calling.

Tabitha Lipkin is a broadcast journalist by day and a comedian by night. She combined her love of humor and broadcasting skills to kick off the News Anchor Challenge, stating, “In your very best news anchor voice, I would love to hear you narrate you doing something super mundane around the house.”

Challenge accepted.

The only thing I had to figure out was which mundane activity would get the best reaction. When I saw that the laundry basket was still filled with dirty towels at the top of the stairs after several days of my fiancé telling me he would take care of it, I was almost grateful he was lazy about it. It gave me the exact content I needed.

Don’t get me wrong, my fiancé is fantastic about sharing the chores of the household, but his laundry slip-up was my TikTok gain, and he may have to get used to being the butt of my jokes after the viral success of this gem:

@madelynmgrimaldi##stitch with @tabithalipkin ##newsanchorchallenge laundry edition♬ original sound - madelynmgrimaldi

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