Set your alarm clock extra early this week to get a peak at the Lyrid meteor showers passing over the SouthCoast. The annual celestial display begins on Saturday, April 16, but experts say the best day to see these streaking lights will be early Friday morning, April 22.

If you love exploring the night sky, then this is your week. The Lyrid meteor shower is typically seen as the first of the meteor season since very little visible meteor activity occurs between January and mid-April.

Locally a telescope will certainly help with seeing the streaks of light over the SouthCoast since we will have just had a full moon and the night sky will still be on the bright side.

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What Is the Best Time to See the Lyrid Meteor Shower in New Bedford?

The celestial experts at say for New Bedford (and pretty much all of the SouthCoast) the Lyrid meteor shower will be best seen just before dawn between April 16 and April 25, 2022. Peak activity is expected on April 22 around 5:21 a.m.

So, yes, you have to be the early bird to get this worm.

Where Is the Best Place to See the Lyrid Meteor Shower?

For the Lyrid meteor shower (and any meteor shower) getting out of the city and away from as much light as possible is your best bet. The moon will still be in the last quarter moon phase for this one, so the sky will be fairly bright. Eliminating any other light from around you will make spotting meteors that much easier.

Where Do I Look for Lyrid Meteors?

The Lyrid meteors are usually seen just above the horizon and close to the Northern constellation Hercules. An astrology app on your phone will definitely help in finding the right spot. Showers should appear about 82 degrees above the horizon, so you don't have to look too high to find them.

How Many Meteors Will New Bedford See?

At the peak of this meteor shower (April 22, 2022 around 5:21 a.m.) viewers will see around 17 meteors per hour dropping down like light-up raindrops in the sky.

So, as long as the night skies can stay clear, there is a very good chance of seeing a dozen or so meteors light up the SouthCoast as the first meteor shower of the season passes through.

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