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Joe Readle/Getty Images
Joe Readle/Getty Images

One thing we haven't heard in some time is drivers complaining about the price of gasoline.  Here on the Southcoast, we've been very lucky over the past year.  Each time we see a spike, the price levels off quickly and then seems to gradually roll back down.

We did a check of earlier today, and this is what we found as far as the lowest prices in the area.

Petro Max in Middleborough has the cheapest gas in the region.  It's currently 2.27 for the cash price.  United Petroleum in Middleborough is close, with a cash price of 2.29.

Costa's Gas at Sawyer and Purchase Streets in New Bedford also is selling gas at 2.29 a gallon.  That's the lowest price in the Whaling City.

In Fall River, the lowest price Gas Buddy has listed is a Stop & Shop on Mariano Bishop Blvd., where the price is 2.38 a gallon.

In the Dartmouth area, the lowest listed as of this morning was at BJ's, with gas at 2.43.

And, in Fairhaven, the Getty Station on Huddleston Ave has a price of 2.36 a gallon.

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