If you've been diligent about making smart choices in an effort to look good and slim down, don't throw it all away with the temptations at parties this summer. Cheating every now and then won't completely ruin your efforts. But the summer is laden with get-togethers that include anything from  a lean burger, to pasta salad.  So what should you go for? What should you bring?

Raviole, Flickr
Raviole, Flickr

Healthy Suggestions:

Ask about the Burgers, or don't be afraid to bring a lean beef. Anything above 93% lean is actually lower in fat and sodium than a turkey burger. If the host is grilling bubba burgers, opt for chicken if it's available.

Dogs: linguiça dogs will be present at cookouts on the Southcoast. The great thing is that they are low in fat. Hot dogs tend to be very high in fat. So gO Portuguese add some mustard and enjoy.

Bread: skip or do whole wheat if available

Sides: raw veggies are the best way to go. Walk away from the pasta salad, potato salad and chips. If you must do chips, try e tortilla and salsa.

Dessert: fresh fruit is really the only way to go. Bring a fruit salad in a watermelon bowl.

Drink: for BYOB, if You're a beer drinker, Miller 64 has only 64 calories and under 2 grams of carbs. For liquor, do a vodka or rum with diet soda.

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