The Girl Scouts in Plymouth, MA are learning all about different types of media right now and they invited me to come talk about what I do for a living!

I met with the group of girls and chatted about how I got my start in radio 11 years ago, what my first job was like and how I got to be where I am today. The girls had a ton of questions, which was great! I love it when the audience participates and wants to learn more about what I do!

They had some great questions too, some of them, are questions I get all the time from people, so I'll answer them here as well.

1) When your show is over at 10am, do you get to just go home?

Answer: Nope! I stay in the office until about 2pm each day, planning out the show for the next day, writing articles for the website, creating commercials and working with the interns...along with any other miscellaneous things that come my way!

2) What is the demographic that your radio station is trying to reach?

Answer: (BTW, I was VERY impressed that this question came from a middle schooler!) Our demographic is females between the ages of 25 and 54. I explained that my position on the show is important because I AM within that demographic, which makes it easy for me to relate to our audience.

3) What time do you go to bed, if you get up at 3am?

Answer: Not early enough haha! Usually 10pm, which I know is far too late, and that's why I rely on naps and coffee...HARD.

4) Do you plan your show each day or do you just say things from the top of your head? Answer: A mix of both! A lot of planning goes on behind the scenes to bring you the show each morning. However, we ad-lib a lot...our conversations between the 3 of us on air are off-the-cuff. There's no way you can pre-plan a conversation and have it sound natural and good. So we do some planning, but we also rely on the chemistry we have with one another to create an entertaining and fun show for YOU!

Thank you so much to the Girl Scouts in Plymouth for having me today! I had so much fun!

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