The doors to Burlington in Fall River opened this morning to hundreds of people in line.

This morning if you went to the Fall River location you better have had a few hours on your hands. According to Barry Richards from our sister station WBSM, it was about an hour wait to get in. They have the entire place stacked with items that are heavily discounted.

Once you got in the store and finished your shopping you could be in for a couple of hours wait to cash out. Lines were apparently forming around the inside of the building just to cash out. Barry couldn't wait in the long line but said that the managers and staff there were extremely kind and patient.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted this video of the line. Warning: this video was sent in by  James Patrick Casey VI and he does use a little foul language.

You may remember the day that the Dartmouth Mall location for Burlington was supposed to open was the day the stay at home orders were placed on the state. So they never actually opened until we entered Phase 2 just this past week, and you guessed it, it was a similar scene over there with the line to enter reportedly wrapped around the building.

Courtesy Meredith Graul
Courtesy Meredith Graul

Why is Burlington having such a massive sale? According to some shoppers, they need to get rid of everything that has been sitting in the store for months to make room for the new items. People were reportedly leaving with baskets full of new clothes and shoes that cost them less than a hundred bucks.

It's the perfect storm of pent-up demand and stores trying to move product.

If you were able to snag a deal today, I'm super jealous! If you scored some good finds or filled your basket up, I'd love to see a photo.

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