A seasonal favorite on the Southcoast could have you 'shelling' out more than usual this summer.

Get ready to eat some crazy expensive lobster rolls this summer. A serious lobster shortage is expected to hit seafood lovers' wallets pretty hard.

According to several news sources, the bad weather combined with huge lobster demand in Asia and iced-over fisheries in Canada has lead to a huge price increase on the tasty crustacean.

The Boston Globe reports that whole, hard-shelled lobster is selling for $15 per pound, up from $8 per pound last year.

And the pre-shucked lobster meat is selling for $40 per pound! That's a seriously expensive lobster roll.

But apparently not everyone is raising their prices because of their cost.

WPRI reports that several Newport, RI restaurants have no plans to increase their lobster prices. Though with less lobster coming in it may be harder to keep lobster items on the menu for very long.

Many Rhode Island restaurants seemed more concerned about keeping their lobster tanks stocked, than what they are selling their lobster for.

But either way, the writing seems to be on the wall for many people's favorite summer food.

The lobster rolls are going to be harder to come by and probably more expensive everywhere you go this season.

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