Little Bites snacks are being recalled due to a choking and/or cutting hazard from a possible plastic contamination.

Bimbo Bakeries, which packages the Little Bites snacks for Entenmann's, has issued the recall on an unspecified number of Little Bites fudge brownies, choclate chip muffins and variety packs that may contain "small pieces of plastic."

The contamination is reportedly from a manufacturing plant in Illinois, but the product is shipped out nationwide.

Bimbo Bakeries issued the recall after a number of complaints from consumers who found plastic in the product. One injury was also reported.

The affected batches of Little Bites snacks are the fudge brownie and chocolate chip packages with a "best of" date of October 8 and variety packs with "best by" dates of September 24.

All affected batches were shipped out over the last two weeks.

No explanation on how the plastic got into the product has been released by the company. Consumers can get more information by calling 1-800-984-0989.

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