Here's proof that owning beats renting.

In this short (and somewhat NSFW) film, called One Year Lease, we're treated to the odd, offbeat and altogether kooky voicemails left by Rita, a New York City landlady who seems painfully unaware her messages are terrorizing tenants Brian and Thomas.

While the word "landlord" still conjures up images of Mr. Roper and Mr. Furley for us, cat-loving Rita proves the reality is, well, unreal as she proves to be helpful (she'll feed Brian and Thomas' cat!), needy (she asks for their pots and pans and shredder!) and furious (she's convinced no one is feeding their cat and hates holding mail!).

Look, renting an apartment in New York City comes with its own unique set of challenges. Listings get snapped up with such speed that they're often off the market before the ad is even placed on Craigslist. That means you can be forced to live under less than ideal circumstances. Maybe your upstairs neighbor is cooking meth. Maybe there's a three-foot-long rat you didn't know about that calls your closet home. Maybe the Chinese restaurant next door is actually bringing in extra money selling fireworks it likes to detonate to prove they work.

So, really, a landlord who seems slightly off-kilter doesn't seem too bad, does it? What, no answer? Oh, we'll just assume you're out trying to get pre-approved for a mortgage.