Let's face it. Food is what truly brings us together during this holiday. The real MVP.

However, all that food doesn't just magically appear on the table at 1 pm for everyone to dig in and then little fairies wash all the dishes while you are napping deep in a food coma.

With the celebration, also comes waking up before dawn to get the turkey in the oven and hours of cleanup, including the mountain of dishes by the sink. Not to mention the preparation that goes into the feast days ahead of time. Sure, you could call it a labor of love. Or, you could just not labor at all and have someone else do the cooking and cleaning for you. We're not suggesting hiring a caterer, but that isn't a bad idea either. What we are suggesting is to go out to eat for a couple of hours so you and your family can enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, with none of the work that goes into pulling off the meal.

Here's a list of restaurants on the SouthCoast that will be offering a mouth-watering dinner on Thanksgiving day! Tell us if you hear about any more!

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