You may not have heard of Lindsey Stirling but she has been around for a while now. She is known for putting on an amazing high energy performances that is almost always accompanied by her playing the violin.

Regardless of what style of music you like, if you went to a live show with Lindsey, you couldn't help but appreciate what she can do.

Lindsey got her first national exposure on America's Got Talent, where Sharon Osbourne told her she needed to be part of a group.

She is determined to prove Sharon wrong.

Lindsey has been selling out shows across the world with just her and her violin. She is currently on tour now.

It looks like she will be at the Foxwoods Resort on December 12 in case you were interested in seeing her show for yourself.

I can assure you, you won't be disappointed.

In her new song, she teams up with one of the edgier singers, Elle King. The vibe is super fun.

In case you missed me playing it on-air, take a listen here:

It wasn't what I expected when I first listen to it. It has a lot of different textures in it. Now, I'm a big EDM fan, and as you may have heard there are some electronic dance characteristics. I'm living for all the different genres meeting in this song.

What I think is irrelevant, you are the one that decides what we add to the Fun 107 playlist. So is this Lindsey Stirling and Elle King song wicked good, or is it totally whack?

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