Netflix dropped the trailer for Stranger Things season 3 yesterday. Savvy Netflix subscribers already knew that season 3 was returning on July 4 (I'm always stalking my favorite shows when I browse Netflix because they eventually let you know when they're coming back).

Much like Game of Thrones trailers, it's always fun to analyze them to see what we can pick out about where the story will be this upcoming season.

The first thing that jumped out at me was the music selection for the trailer (a combo of Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home" with The Who's "Baba O'Riley"). Not surprisingly, the music was prominently featured in the overtly 80's sci-fi drama. Similar to how the first season of Stranger Things reinvented Toto's "Africa" and served it up like a fresh hit, you can be sure that many junior high school accounts will be jammed up with the Motley Crue anthem.  Thirteen-year-olds will be Googling Vince Neil and L.A. glam bands this summer.

The relatively fast-paced trailer seems to suggest that the story has shifted to the year 1985 (supported by the song choice from Crue's 1985 album Theatre of Pain).

Stranger Things continues to lead the league in offering the best representation of what life was really like in the 1980s. I've never seen a current movie or show capture the true essence of the 1980s better. From the fashion to the candy bar wrappers, dollar bills, cars, hair and music, the show is like someone unearthed a time capsule captured on film.

The new trailer features a can of Aqua Net, a boom box, white socks with colored stripes at the top, several Star Wars references and motions, the Ghostbusters costumes, and Flashdance workout gear.

It's obvious that the kids are growing up. In fact, there's a direct coming-of-age reference in the trailer.

If you weren't already looking forward to seeing the next season of Stranger Things, you will after you watch the trailer.

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