We know Ed Sheeran literally just wrapped up a world tour that lasted over two years. While he was on the road he decided to produce his latest album titled No 6. Collaborations, which as you probably already know is stacked with pretty awesome collaborations, including one with two powerhouse female artists.

I have to say this one was definitely a standout song for me when I first sat down and listened to the entire album.

The song "South of the Border" has Camila Cabello and Cardi B on the track and brings some of the Latino flair that has been sneaking into a lot of our music as of late, and I'm loving it.

I have to admit I prefer a Cardi B feature over a Cardi B song. I think this song could be another No. 1 for Ed.

If you haven't heard it yet or you missed me playing it on the air, check out the music video, and the "wait for it" moment with Cardi B at the end that had me in stitches:

You can't help but giggle at Cardi. She is just that ridiculous that it's entertaining. Either way, how did you like it?

Ed has been on a roll when it comes to writing music and is absolutely killing it when it comes to producing with the right people.

You know what I think of the song. That doesn't matter, though, it's all about you. Do you think we should add this Ed Sheeran song to the Fun 107 playlist?

Is this song wicked good, or totally whack?

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