Lemonade day is great for learning things like financial literacy at a young age, but also a chance to grow without any limitations and be your own boss. Children who participate in lemonade day get to build their business at their own pace.

Leroy was diagnosed by the world as slow developed, small in stature and was placed on a growth hormone, and we later found out after 3 ½ years he also had hearing loss in both ears, which explained why his understanding was slow. In spite of all his challenges, he is a kid that never would give up trying to learn and fit in with children his age. We never put any limits on Leroy, and we celebrate every victory and accomplishment. Children’s Hospital played a major part in Leroy’s development and improvement and we wanted to be able to give back to them, so we helped him start a lemonade stand 3 years ago from the Raisin Canes (Louisiana) entrepreneur program; but we wanted it to be a real long term business, so that Leroy could give one day on a big scale and the world could never put limits on him because he would be his own boss. Leroy does not see himself different from other children his age and neither do we as his parents. Every morning Leroy wakes up, and even throughout the day, he says “I am a champion, I am a leader” and the good thing about it, he believes it. When he won 1st place at the Lemonade Day Tasting Contest this year, he said “I am a champion.

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