Lemonade Day 2017 is on May 6th and these young entrepreneurs are almost ready for you to see what their stand offers. Check out the details here.

Lemonade Day is just a few weeks away and stands are starting to pop up on our map!

lemonade day map

Here's where some of our young entrepreneurs will be set-up on May 6th. Check out what they plan to do with their money!



Elleana's Lemonade. Located at 151 Blackstone St., Elleana's lemonade stand Fall River will be saving up for college with her earnings.

Brenten's Lemons from Heaven. Located at BayCoast Bank, 490 Robeson St., Brenten's stand Lemons from Heaven will be selling lemonade, candy and snacks. Brenten will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Haven's Healing Hands who's mission is to help kids battling cancer.

Bri-Ann's Lemonade Located at Lapointe Insurance, 1777 Pleasant St.,  Bri-Ann's Lemonade will be selling Country Time lemonade with a splash of lemon, bottled water, popcorn, pretzel rods, and bubble gum. Bri-Ann plans on donating approximately $200 to Faxon Animal Hospital in memory of her Pepe who was an avid dog lover, as is she.

Abby's Paradise Located at 4171 North Main St.,  Abby's Paradise will be selling original lemonade, strawberry-pineapple lemonade, popcorn, and candy. Abby will be giving half of her proceeds to the Jimmy Fund.

Sami's Lemonade Located at BayCoast Bank,81 Troy St., Sami's Lemonade will be selling original lemonade, pink lemonade, and bottled water. Samantha plans on giving 10% of sales to the local homeless shelters.

Lahrissa Casa De Limonada  Located at 489 Bedford St., Lahrissa's Case De Limonada will be donating her earnings to support Autism Awareness.

Scarlett's Strawberry Lemonade Located at Frugal Franks,126 Shove Street, Scarlett will be serving up her signature Strawberry Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade Flavored popcorn.




3 Little Ladies.  Located at Westport Federal Credit Union on 790 Main Road,  3 Little Ladies Lemonade will be selling strawberry lemonade, raspberry lemonade, water, cupcakes, candy, and cookies. The girls will be donating half of the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House Charity.

Aiden & Bryce's Lemonade Stand Located at Westport Federal Credit Union on 655 State Road, Aiden and Bryce's Lemonade Stand will be selling lemonade, water, and cookies. Half of the proceeds to the American Heart Association.



Slam Dunk Lemonade Located at 101 Slocum Road, Slam Dunk Lemonade will be selling lemonade, water, iced tea, Arnold Palmer's, and pink lemonade. Their earnings will be donated help support Breast Cancer Awareness.

L&L Lemonade Located at 163 Frederick St.,  L&L Lemonade will be selling pink lemonade, lemon lime aid, and homemade cookies and brownies. Lana will be donating half of the money raised to homeless shelters in Fall River.


Lemonade Day 2017 is possible, thanks to our Main Squeeze Baycoast Bank and supporting sponsors Waring-Sullivan and Rock Funeral Homes, Westport Federal Credit Union, Lapointe Insurance, Carl’s Collision Center, Frugal Franks, Fall River Municipal Credit Union, Melissa’s Pet Depot, Fabulous Foundations by Nancy, Auclair’s Market, Sonic of Somerset and Revolution Lobster.

Special thanks to our community supporters: Greater Fall River Re-Creation, Somerset Recreation, Dartmouth Community Television, Dartmouth Rotary, Dartmouth Police Department, Dartmouth Public Schools and many more!

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