Lego is finally shipping up to Boston.

The LEGO Group announced in January that it would be moving its North American Headquarters from Enfield, CT to Boston, and on Monday, it revealed that 1001 Boylston Street in Boston will be the official location.

“We’re incredibly excited to be moving to a new location with such a rich history, ideally located in Back Bay, between Boston and Cambridge,” said Skip Kodak, the President of the LEGO Group in the Americas. “We believe that a modern, collaborative work environment will help creativity and innovation thrive, and we’re excited to see what we can accomplish in this new space.”

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Choosing Boylston Street Was a Strategic Move

According to LEGO Group, moving to Boylston Street was strategically chosen “to draw upon the region’s diverse talent pool and foster strong relationships with other innovative companies in the area.”

Boston is swimming with young, creative, and talented individuals that have the ability to bring life into such a beloved brand.

The company’s goal is to provide joy and be a catalyst for inspiration to as many children as possible, and Kodak believes Boston will set the LEGO Group up for success.

“Our move to 1001 Boylston Street ensures that we can continue our mission to bring LEGO play to even more children in the US and the Americas region,” he said.

What to Expect from the New LEGO Headquarters

Created with innovation and design in mind, the headquarters will take over an impressive 100,000 square feet over five floors. It will have access for commuters that bike or walk to work and will be within walking distance of the Green and Orange Line stops for public transit.

The new space is expected to be completed by 2026.

LEGO has inspired “the power of play” for over ninety years. Now, the company continues to evolve with a little inspiration from Massachusetts.

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