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According to a recent post on a Facebook group called “Buy Nothing SouthCoast,” there is a non-profit organization that is delivering lasagna to families in need nationwide. The post mentions Fall River, Dartmouth, and New Bedford specifically for the SouthCoast area.

Brooke Ferguson writes a “whole bunch of local (and awesome people) are making and delivering home-cooked lasagnas for families who are struggling as a result of the pandemic. Lost childcare, lost income, lost sanity, whatever the situation may be.”

Rhiannon Menn of Sommerville is the founder of Lasagna Love. The idea began back in April of 2020 while watching her loved ones struggle with the loss of a job or childcare due to the COVID-19 pandemic and feeling overwhelmed. The concept of making a meal to help her mama friends get through this difficult time inspired her to create this national movement.

Each lasagna comes with a note that includes heating instructions and an uplifting message for the family receiving the comfort dish. You can request a meal for your own family or a loved one through the Lasagna Love website. “It’s a free meal, made with love, no strings attached.”

If you are interested in cooking the lasagna and making sure it gets to a family in need, consider becoming a Lasagna Mama or Papa. Join the "Good to Mama: Lasagna Love" group on Facebook to learn more.

“One meal isn’t going to change the world, but it may change a day.”

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