Some ghosts and goblins will have to find new places to haunt this Halloween season, as there are no plans for the Lakeville Haunted House to return this year.

The Halloween attraction has been a popular SouthCoast spot for decades, but the committee that volunteers to run the organization is having a hard time finding anyone who wants to continue to do the work.

The Lakeville Haunted house is strictly volunteer. It is run by roughly 100-200 people each year who begin to build the different haunted scenes during the summer so that they are ready when Halloween rolls around.

The attraction has been hosted at the Ted Williams Camp since the late 80s. The volunteer committee paid roughly $14,000 to use the camp last year. Approximately one-quarter of the admission revenue is normally used to pay off the rent; the rest was donated to scholarship recipients and other local non-profit organizations.

Michael Nogueira is a member of the sub-committee.

"As we were closing up last Halloween, we started talking about how this might be the last year. Everyone was tired of running it. They were looking for other volunteers to take it over, but no one was able to make the commitment," he said.

"As summer vacation draws to an end, it is becoming less and less likely that anyone would be able to come in, pick it up, and keep it running," said Nogueira.

Some of the more memorable haunted scenes were the clown scene, the devil scene, and the werewolf scene. There was also a rather large corn maze incorporated into the attraction, which took nearly an hour to walk through.

Michael's daughter, Mikayla, volunteers her time to put makeup on some of the characters that walk the grounds.

"I'll miss the people the most, the other volunteers," she said. "It was a ton of work to build it all up, then break it all down every year, but we had a lot of fun doing it."

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