Turns out there is something much scarier this holiday season than getting coal in your stocking on Christmas!

krampus card

Seems St Nick has a not-so-nice counterpart in Krampus, a horned, hunched, Yeti looking figure known for punishing children during the holidays when they have misbehaved.

Krampus is said to carry off children who have been bad, binding them in chains and dragging them away.

So you better watch out and you better not cry...cause this guy is scary!

The folklore of Krampus is said to have started in Germany centuries ago, but many European nations still acknowledge the Christmas "bad guy" every year with feasts and Krampus greeting cards.

But now the lore is getting a modern twist with a new Christmas horror movie.

When I first saw this trailer, the cast had me sure it was a comedy...but oh no it is not!

So have you heard of Krampus? Anybody use him to keep their kids in line around the holidays?

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