Cats typically live with people or outside, but have you heard of the cat that lives at a Home Depot store?

Yes, 'Depot' the cat, is 13 years old and she's lived her whole life at a Home Depot store in South Carolina.  Depot is a friendly, well-liked kitty, who would greet customers as they shopped in the store.  Well, turns out Depot was accidentally setting off alarms in the store overnight and management made the decision to evict the poor kitty.

That was until animal lovers from all over came together and put together a petition to keep Depot in the Home Depot.  Saying it's the home she's known all of her life and if she were to get kicked out at this point in her life being a senior kitty, there's a good chance she'd be put down at a kill shelter.

Good news!  The petition got more than 1,500 signatures and management changed their mind, Depot can stay!


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