Not that there was ever a big outpouring of love for this couple, but it seems the haters are in full force these days and I really don't get it.

I am certainly not a Kim Kardashian fan. I am quite proud of that fact that I have never seen an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (seriously never). And yet, you can't really escape them. I know who they are and probably know more about their lives then I care too. But I don't actively hate them. In fact I'm pretty indifferent on Kardashians as a whole, they don't really affect my life.

But clearly everyone does not feel this way.

Kardashian haters have been out there for a while, but it seems like this new Vogue cover with Kim and fiance Kanye West has really pushed things over the edge.

There's backlash on this cover everywhere I look these days and I really don't understand the controversy.

I've heard that Vogue editor Anna Wintour vowed to never put reality stars on her cover. I've heard that Kanye paid to have them and their baby North West featured in the magazine. I've heard that Vogue is supposed to be a classier magazine than this. But I'm not really sure which of these things is true and why any of this is such a big deal?

I wasn't planning on reading the magazine, I don't typically read Vogue in the first place. But Kim and Kanye on the cover doesn't make me angry.

So why is this such a big deal? Why all the controversy?