I'm learning that it's a hot topic to try and decide on kids or an adults-only wedding.

When planning a wedding, obviously there's a lot to consider. One of those things is if you want kids there or if you don't want kids there. I'll tell you off the top that my fiancée and I elected to go with no children. As someone who has been to more weddings than I can even count, I've just seen too many things go wrong at the hands of kids at a wedding.

There are some people that couldn't imagine a wedding without kids. They love watching the kids dance and add all those cute little memories. I've come to realize this is actually a hotly-debated topic.

I think kids are a gamble. Sure, you can add special memories with them, but if you don't have kids, I'd avoid it. I've seen things broken. Things nearly ripped. Vows ruined. The list goes on. All this just because kids are inherently unpredictable. They don't truly understand the weight of the moment and can't exactly react accordingly. If they're bored (which they likely will be), they're going to act on that.

There's also the thought that you want your guests to have themselves a night off. You'd rather your guests be free of responsibility for a night and just enjoy each other and celebrate the couple.

Now, all that being said, if I had kids I would want them there without a single second of hesitation. They would be such a big part of my life that it wouldn't feel right to not have them there and present, whether they're going to really remember it or not.

There are some that won't even attend your wedding if they can't bring their kids. That seems a bit drastic to me considering it's not their wedding and it's not their decision to make, but it's a reality.

All of it to me is pretty wild. I never knew that this was such a big issue for so many couples and wedding guests. It's definitely interesting, though!

So where would you stand?

Kids or no kids, that is the question.

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