The Rubik's of life's great mysteries to some, but not to one young boy. Collin attempted to solve the colorful puzzle in under a minute and that he did.

He was sitting in math class surrounded by classmates when he gave the Rubik's Cube a go. Right from the get-go, it looked like Collin was a pro! He knew exactly what moves to make in order to solve the puzzle! He did so in less than one minute! Amazing!

His classmates huddled around him cheering at his latest achievement, they were so excited! One student couldn't stop saying "Oh my gosh" over and over, it was funny. It's great to see a group of students come together like this and cheer on one of their fellow classmates!

I had a Rubik's Cube as a kid and my story isn't quite the same. That thing used to drive me insane, I could never figure it out! Finally, one day, I thought 'I'm going to show my parents how smart I am...' I took the Rubik's Cube into my room and took off every single sticker and placed it in the correct spot. I thought this was an absolutely brilliant idea. I went to show my parents just how 'smart' I was...but ahh yes, they were a few steps ahead of me, as parents usually are, and they knew exactly what I had done. I couldn't pull one over on them! I'm sure that was the last time I attempted to 'solve' a Rubik's Cube!

Check out the full video of Collin's cube success here.