In a world filled with gluten and carbs, this tops the cake—or in this case, the chicken sandwich.

First, the chicken-smelling log and now this! KFC is known to think outside the box and create some innovative things on the menu and off. The new crave is the Mac and Cheese Zinger, and no, it is not an ordinary mac and cheese dish.

KFC took the classic crispy chicken and stepped it up a notch by getting making two fried mac and cheese buns to replace the bread.

But sadly there's a catch. It's not available in America, at least not yet. It would cost $5.52 in the U.S. and we need this delicious food on our U.S. KFC menus. We have two options: book a plane or demand the beautiful Mac and Cheese to be on our American menus. It's your choice. I know ill be writing a strong letter to KFC's corporate office.

Additional Reporting by Abbey Frias

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