Kate Upton got a lot of grief from a tweet about the Red Sox win last night in Houston.

In the first inning of the American League Championship Series Game 4 in Houston, Jose Altuve was denied a two-run homer after fans reached for the ball interfering with Mookie Betts' attempt to make a leaping catch.  Model Kate Upton, who is getting set to have a baby with Astros ace Justin Verlander, tweeted about her confusion over the play.

Verlander's brother Ben defended her view, but the internet slide tackled her at the knees dropping a string of rough comments about women not really having a place as sports fans.  Tweets describing Upton as “princess”, “honey” or a terrible “girl” laced her Twitter feed.

Upton clapping back from the hate stating that she has "an opinion on the call doesn't give you the right to be degrading and disrespectful because I'm a woman"

After a 3 minute delay, the umpires ruled that fans DID interfere with Mookie Betts and that the batter was out.  Houston's manager honorably refused to blame the controversial play for the Astros loss.


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