While Bruno Mars is being honored for being the most played pop artist of 2013, Kanye West used his concert in Brooklyn on November 20th to take stabs at Bruno. Oh no here we ago again with Kanye rants.

Poor Bruno Mars he seems to be the next person on Kanye West's rant wagon. Kayne used his concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to discuss what took place with Rick Rubin at the 2013 VMA's saying Rick Rubin told him to do his song and leave. Well Kayne can you blame him, look at how you choose to use your performances but now it makes sense to me as to way Kayne was acting a little bit out of the ordinary during his 2013 VMA performance.

After Kanye takes a swing at Rick Rubin the producer of the VMA's he then decides to turn his rant onto Bruno Mars winning all of the awards which you can hear for yourself in the video below. Kanye just feels like if you an artist working hard and the "streets" say you deserve that award then why did Bruno Mars get it and not Kayne. Sounds like Kanye is being a sore loser and actually taking a general hit at the VMA's but watch the video and decide for yourself, I'm just wondering who will Kayne's next rant be about.







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