Justin Timberlake has a pretty good track record for giving us some really good music. He takes on a new role with the latest Trolls project and we wonder if that changes things.

This time Justin Timberlake is taking on much more of a producer position while only featuring himself on the soundtrack. JT doesn't want to mess with what works so he teamed up with Max Martin again. Max is the same producer of the massive "Can't Stop This Feeling" hit from the last Trolls soundtrack.

The Trolls World Tour soundtrack will be out on March 13 and has some massive stars on it including Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige, and Anna Kendrick. The actual movie doesn't hit the big screen until April 17.

The music video for the song was just released and is giving me total Missy Elliot vibes. SZA looks stunning in this. JT brings his sexy back in the video as well. In case you missed the song on the air, check it out here:

Is this another "Can't Stop The Feeling" for Justin? Did SZA bring it with the vocals and that outfit? Does it make you excited for the movie to come out? It's Justin Timberlake and in the past, he has done no wrong, but what do you think?

Is this song wicked good or totally whack? Vote now.

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