If your child loves dinosaurs, they you should probably start planning your road trip now.


Jurassic Quest is touring once again, but this year they’ll only come as close as the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.

This dinosaur filled weekend long event is definitely worth the road trip and features over 100 dinosaurs. You’ll see everything from robotic babies to a life-size T-Rex and nearly too many dinosaurs to name.

Like Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Giganotosaurus, Pinochiorex, Dracorex, Quetzalcoatlus, Anzu Wyliei, Ouranosaurus, Velociraptors, Stegosaurus, Utahraptor, Therizinosaurus, Allosaurus, Albertosaurus and Edmontosaurus.

I honestly have no idea what half of those dinosaurs look like (or how to pronounce their names), but I know any dinosaur loving kid will flip to see them!

And at the Jurassic Quest event you can ride on a robotic dinosaur.

There's also inflatables to bounce on, fossil digs and paleontology stations plus a dino petting zoo for the little ones who might not be ready for the life-size predators.

The event isn’t until October 18-20, but tickets sell out fast and won’t be sold at the door once the online tickets are gone.

Jurassic Quest’s only Northeast stop will be this event in Hartford, so if you know your child wants to check out dinosaurs nab your tickets now at jurassicquest.com

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