Day 4 - The first African American to referee the Super Bowl!

In the spirit of Super Bowl weekend, let's have a Super Bowl based fact!


NFL ref mike carey

FL official Mike Carey was highly respected throughout the league. In 2008, he was voted by league coaches as the NFL's best referee (tied with Ed Hoculi). Carey entered the NFL in 1990 as a side judge and was quickly promoted to referee for the 1995 season. He became only the second African American to be named an NFL referee (Johnny Grier was first).

On February 3, 2008 for Super Bowl XLII, Mike Carey became the first African American to be designated referee for a Super Bowl. Unfortunately for Patriots' fans, it's not a Super Bowl that was remembered fondly, as they lost their first game that season at the hands of the New York Giants.


Nevertheless, Mike Carey made history that day well before David Tyree made that miraculous catch.

Oh and one can't mention Mr. Mike Carey without making reference to the fact that he had one killer stache!

And THAT is Junior's Black History Month Fact Of The Day

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