How can you forget the pipes of our local girl JoJo? She has been at it for over a decade ever since she had her breakout single "Leave, Get Out." It was a No. 1 song on FUN107 when I was in high school.

If you recall, JoJo was only 14 years old when the Foxboro native made a big splash in the music industry. She then went on to fight a 10-year battle with her record label. It wasn't until a few years ago she got back into the studio and produced new music.

It's fair to say that JoJo has put in the work to get some accolades. It wasn't until this year's Grammy Awards, however, that our Massachusetts girl finally won an award for her music.

Most of us didn't even know she had new music out. That's because it was in a whole different genre.

JoJo won Best R&B Song for "Say So" with PJ Morton. I'm sure it felt amazing to finally be able to take home a Grammy and put something on her mantel. So what's next for JoJo? More new music? We hope so.

Here is the song for which she won the Grammy:

Do you think Jojo should strike while the iron is hot and get some more new music out ASAP? Or does she need to take some time and enjoy the fruits of her labor?

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