There's been no shortage of grumbling coming out of New Bedford about parking bans and snowplow drivers creating snowbanks in front of driveways, but have you seen anything like this Marion, Pennsylvania snowbank in your entire life?

This is why we have parking bans.

Talk about a bad day. I really can't fathom how this Jeep ended up in this monster snowbank, but here it is. Just imagine coming out of work and finding your car lodged a story and a half above the ground.

I'm not even sure where I'd begin if this were my car. I don't care how tough you think New Bedford and Fall River are with their parking bans during snowstorms, it can't stack up to this.

Amy Pentz says she was driving home from work during last week's snowstorm when she couldn't believe her eyes. She says she just had to pull over and take some photos because she knew no one would believe her. Pentz says the picture is 100 percent for real, that it is not Photoshopped or doctored in any way.

I also can't help but wonder how this situation resolves itself. If the Jeep is left alone, the snowbank will slowly melt, but I don't picture the Jeep ending up safely back down on the ground. Instead, I think the Jeep would end up falling backward and landing on its roof as the snow around its hood melts. So many questions.

The moral of the story is not to complain about the snow removal here on the SouthCoast. You want to know why? Because this is what happens when you complain. Those snowplow drivers are savage down there in the other Marion.

SouthCoast Super Bowl Snowstorm 2021

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