JC Penney announced this morning that they will be closing another 18 stores nationwide this year.

A spokesperson from JC Penney told WBZ-TV that a Nashua, New Hampshire store would be closing, but that no stores in Massachusetts would be affected.

Phew, this means the North Dartmouth and Wareham stores are still safe, for now. Let's hope they continue to perform well and growth stays strong, we'd hate to lose these SouthCoast department store staples. 🙂

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Getty Images/JC Penny

Jill Soltau, Chief Executive Officer of JC Penney, says, “As we forge a path to sustainable profitable growth, our decisions included eliminating non-core and low gross margin product categories, significantly reducing unproductive inventory and continuing the revitalization of our women’s apparel business. We have much work to do to position JC Penney for success and create long-term value for our shareholders, however, our unwavering focus and discipline is already enabling meaningful progress."

The company says that employees from the closing stores will be assisted with separation benefits, along with other employment opportunities and assistance with resume writing and preparing for future interview opportunities.

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