If you have been thinking about a part time job to make a little extra money and you happen to love chocolate (who doesn't), this is all you.


Cadbury is currently looking to hire professional chocolate tasters to try and test chocolate treats that would potentially end up on store shelves here in the U.S. ThisInsider.com has details on the qualifications needed for the job and this list is longer than you might think. The position is part-time with roughly eight hours per week and the pay comes out to just over $14 per hour.

Larry Soares/Townsquare Media

If you think this gig is easy going to be easy because all you have to do is eat and drink chocolatey snacks, you're dead wrong. There are five requirements you must have to be considered for the job. You're probably thinking to yourself, how hard could it be to taste chocolate all day? What do they mean by qualifications and requirements?

Apply HERE, but only if you're willing to move to the U.K., as Cadbury doesn't currently need professional chocolate test tasters here in the U.S.